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Patient Success Stories

What Our Patients Have to Say

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TeresaThis is Teresa and she’s an awesome mom. This caring mom took the steps to taking care of herself by choosing to try Gonstead Family Chiropractic. Before coming to GFC Teresa had been in deep derision for 3 months and was emotionally and physically worn down. Here state of mind immobilized her from being able to speak for herself and she had trouble with eye contact with anyone. A friend of hers who was already a patient at GFC, recommended she give her chiropractor a try. Teresa’s friend raved about how great she felt after an adjustment and believed it could help Teresa as well. During her initial evaluation, Teresa knew she was in the right place when she heart the chiropractic assistant say, “It will be ok, you’re in good hands”. It was confirmation she had made the right choice to try chiropractic. Once she received her first adjustment, she said she felt everything melt away. She then dedicated time to her own self care and committed to a recommended care plan. After 2 months of care, “I felt a huge difference” she said. She was able to feel free, independent, happy, and felt like she found herself again. Teresa continues her care 2 times a month for maintenance to maintain physical and emotional health.

-Teresa M.

GinaThis amazing mom is Gina, and she does a great job at ensuring her family is feeling their best, including herself. When she first came to GFC she was experiencing neck and shoulder pain. Gina thought because she slept on her left side all the time, these were normal issues. What she found out after her initial evaluation was, that pain, discomfort and diminished quality of life are not normal. After her first couple of adjustments, Gina was back to feeling like the awesome mom she is. She continued to come in for wellness adjustments, and eventually brought the exciting news that she was expecting. We immediately transitioned her into prenatal care. She was excited to start her wellness based pregnancy care, and can’t wait to bring in the baby for his first visit.

-Gina P.

VeronicaAre you a busy spouse or parent? Do you tend to put yourself last? That was the case for Veronica. She had dealt with low back pain from a workout injury for two months before deciding to try chiropractic. Her husband had recommended she come to GFC for a chiropractic evaluation. By her third office visit she felt a big improvement in her lower back. “After a couple of months of chiropractic care I began to see other benefits,” she said. Veronica’s back wouldn’t feel as tired, and her flexibility improved; this was just the beginning of her improvement. “I didn’t realize getting adjusted would change my health as much as it did”. In addition, with continued care, we worked to normalize her jaw function, painful menstrual cycles and she would get sick easily. Now, “It’s like night and day” she explains. Also, with care her immune system is much stronger than it’s ever been, going two years without getting sick. She continues to stay under wellness care to ensure she is giving herself the best quality of life.

-Veronica R.

MagdaHave you ever been in a car accident? Did you try different methods to restore your body? This is Magdalena’s story. She was in a severe car accident several years ago. Magdalena lived in extreme pain every day after her accident. She was immobile and on bed rest most days. She also was placed on permanent disability. It took three years of massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, and three surgeries when she found GFC. She came in for her initial visit and was very acute. Her severe case required daily adjustments to manage the pain and discomfort, and at times was seen twice a day. She committed to her care plan and was able to get the results that evaded her for so long. Magdalena continues to be seen weekly for wellness care and to manage any flare ups. She has experienced GFC and has no plans on changing the biggest impact of her life. She is back to walking, hiking, exercising and doing everything she did prior to her accident. ” I can live a normal life now” she said.

-Magdalena W.

NattalyAt the young age of fifteen, Nattaly battled different health issues due to her menstrual cycle. Nattaly had been experiencing extreme menstrual pain for over a year. Her mom took her to different doctors, and after numerous tests were performed, she was put on several different medications. Every 2-3 months Nattaly. was given a high dose of medication to help with the pain. The medications she was given only caused other health issues and side effects. Nattaly’s doctors then recommended that she have her uterus removed. At this time, she was overwhelmed with emotions of pain, guilt, and confusion. Nattaly was now faced with having to make a decision that would impact her life tremendously. All she wanted was to feel normal again, not anxious and worried about her next menstrual cycle. Nattaly didn’t know she would be forced into a life changing decision that would impact her future relationships and her decision to one day become a mother.

With surgery as an option, Nattaly’s mom decided to try Gonstead Chiropractic. After her evaluation she decided to give the recommended approach a try. Within 30 days of care, Nattaly and her mother noticed a significant difference. With Nattaly’s 1st menstrual cycle after beginning care, (and those since) she’s had minimal cramps, and her debilitating pain is bearable and minimalized. Nattaly has been able to sleep, attend school, sit for long periods of time, is happy and best of all she feels like a normal teenager again.

-Nattaly C.


Baby & Toddler

SamuelSamuel is an adorable baby boy whose charm will melt your heart. Through he has a strong charm and his smile is adorable, there had been some challenges in the first couple months of Samuels life. Before coming to GFC at just two months old, Samuel was unable to pass stool. After two weeks of struggling, Samuel’s aunt recommended seeing a chiropractor. Samuel’s mom had already tried it all but she was determined to help her son, so why not try a chiropractor. Samuel’s mom decided to give it a chance, not knowing it would change his quality of life. Shortly after a week of chiropractic care Samuel started to pass stool regularly and without pain. Chiropractic has improved his mood and his ability to have a pain free diaper change without crying. Samuel was now “such a happy baby” mom says.

-Samuel R.

FelipeFelipe is a sweet baby boy whose smile will change your day for the better. Through his life is filled with happy smiles, it wasn’t always that way. At birth, he was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Starting life with a birth trauma can be both scary and life changing for mom and baby. Before coming to GFC Felipe cried a lot, had stomach issues, was born with tongue and lip tie and was diagnosed with reflux. This sweet little guy had a rough start to life causing stress throughout his little body. At about 2 months old he had his tongue and lip tie released and his doctor recommended mom take him to see a chiropractor. During that same time, mom continued to keep in contact with her midwife, whom also agreed that Felipe get chiropractic care. After two recommendations, she knew it was time to take him to a pediatric chiropractor. With 3 months trying everything she could to sooth and console him, why not give it a shot? When mom brought Felipe in for his initial office visit she couldn’t believe how tense his system was. A thermal scan measures the temperature along the spine looking for different temperatures that correlate with organ function and nerve interference. Staying consistent under chiropractic care, mom saw a drastic, positive change in her baby boy. He is happier, cries less, and will even take a pacifier now. We at GFC couldn’t be happier for this little guy and his family as he continues to thrive.

-Felipe S.

Sara AThis precious baby girl is Sara. She initially came to GFC at four months old because her mom noticed she was leaning and favoring one side. Mom went with her gut instinct and knew it wasn’t normal. Baby Sarah used to sleep all day, didn’t move much, and hadn’t rolled over. After mom’s sister recommended she take the baby for a chiropractic evaluation, mom made an appointment. After Sara’s first adjustment mom saw immediate change. The baby was now active, she started reaching anything within reach, and was able to touch her toes. After Sara’s third adjustment she was rolling over and holding her head up. This was a huge win! After the fourth visit she was sitting up and eating better. Before chiropractic, Sara could not latch onto mom’s right side due to her restricted movement. Sweet Sara was no longer restricted to feeding strictly on one side after being adjusted. “It’s like I have a whole new child” mom says. Baby Sara is happier, and healthier than ever. Mom continues to bring Sara in for wellness care to ensure she was the best possible start at life.

-Sara Alberto- O.

MiguelDoes your child struggle with constipation? Did you know chiropractic can help? This is Miguel, he is sweet, lovable, and he dreaded going potty. This little guy had problems with constipation over 3 years. Mom noticed the difficulty with his bowel movements began at 11 months when he transitioned from breastmilk to formula. She tried switching formulas, she tried cow’s milk and almond milk but there wasn’t any change.”He would sit on the toilet anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour” mom said. “There were even times when he fell asleep on the toilet”. Mom tried everything over the counter to help with Miguel’s constipation and kept a high fiber diet, but nothing seemed to help. She heard about chiropractic and decided to make an appointment. After Miguel’s first adjustment he went home and went potty. “He was so excited” mom said. It had been 3 days since his last bowel movement, and he had only sat on the toilet for about 1 min. This was exciting for Miguel as before care, he had to sit for long periods of time struggling to pass stool. Since his first amazing experience at GFC he looks forward to coming in for his appointments. Another benefit since Miguel began chiropractic care is it has changed his mood. According to mom, “he’s not as temperamental” and now after a trip to the bathroom, Miguel is “excited to be done fast” as he says.

-Miguel B.

MaverickMaverick was introduced to GFC at our local Family Fall Festival. One of the doctors started talking to me about the birthing process and pediatric chiropractic care. Just before our son Maverick turned 9 months he hadn’t started crawling yet. At that point my husband and I felt it was time to take him in for a chiropractic evaluation. “After Maverick’s second adjustment, I noticed a tremendous difference” mom said. “He was moving more, trying to get up and stand, and was beginning to crawl. A few more adjustments later, there was no stopping him”. Maverick was quickly crawling around and ” we couldn’t believe it!” said mom. Mom said she continues to bring him in for his routine maintenance to ensure he is given the best quality of life.

-Maverick P.

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